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Not seeing what you're looking for?

Looking for a specific item or player and we don't have it in stock? Then

shoot an email over to Brian@SoxSignatures.com. We have thousands of

In-Person signed cards, and access to countless other collectors and dealers.

Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll go out and find the item

for you!

Why buy from Sox Signatures?

---We're collectors, just like you!

---We think autographed memorabilia is WAY too overpriced everywhere else

---We know our products, and are memorabilia experts

---We get our game used equipment straight from the players

---We care about each customer, your order isn't just a number to us

What makes us different from the big name stores?

---We don't have a huge warehouse, everything is sitting in our closet

---We're not looking to break the bank, we just need to make enough to buy more stuff!

---Customer service is a 1-on-1 relationship, we don't have call centers

---We try to keep shipping charges as low as possible

---We only focus on 1 team, and try to work with as many players as possible, no matter how obscure

So what are you waiting for?

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